Plant-based egg producer Eat Just to build factory in Singapore

JUST Egg Protein Facility in Minnesota, photo: Eat Just
JUST Egg Protein Facility in Minnesota, photo: Eat Just

The food manufacturing company Eat Just Inc said on Tuesday it has partnered with Proterra Investment Partners Asia to build a plant protein production facility in Singapore to serve the Asian market. 

Eat Just is an American food manufacturing company headquartered in San Francisco that produces egg alternatives and other plant-based foods, like Beyond Eggs, Just Mayo, Just Cookies, Power Gari and Just Egg. The company was founded in 2011.

Eat Just will invest up to $20 million to build and operate the factory, its first in Asia. “Once built, the first factory will generate thousands of metric tons of protein, adding to existing large-scale protein facilities in North America and Germany,” Eat Just said in a statement. 

Demand for plant-based meat substitutes and proteins has grown as customers have become increasingly health-conscious and are concerned about the environmental impact of industrial animal farming. 

Singapore produces only about 10% of its food and needs plans to increase that proportion as climate change and population growth threaten global food supplies.

To date, Eat Just has sold the plant-based equivalent of more than 60 million eggs, saving 2.2 billion gallons of water, 8.7 million kg of CO2e, 14 million square meters of land and countless chickens from a life in hell.

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