Support vegan restaurants in Amsterdam during the lockdown

Amsterdam, Photo by Azhar J on Unsplash
Amsterdam, Photo by Azhar J on Unsplash

Amsterdam is full of vegan restaurants. Any food you can think of, you’ll find a delicious vegan version in the Dutch city. Since Wednesday, all restaurants have to remain closed for four weeks to stop the spread of COVID-19. For restaurants, this is the second time they have to close their doors this year.

To survive, most restaurants offer takeaway and delivery. So if you live in Amsterdam or visiting the city, support these vegan places and let us know which is your favorite in the comments.

Deer Mama
Pancakes, pink donuts, burgers, milkshakes and so much more. Deer Mama is the first restaurant to serve vegan milkshakes in Amsterdam, which they call Mylkshakes. “We opened this place to start the vegan movement, especially the conscious movement. We wanted to present this in a nice and cute way,” an employee told us.

Beter & Leuk
Homemade vegan and gluten-free dishes mostly made of biological, seasonal, and local products. A café that is focused on sustainability and a conscious lifestyle. You can eat breakfast, lunch, have a high tea with friends, and can even order a carrot cake, chocolate brownie cake or lemon pie.

Koffie ende Koeck
“The warm welcome I experienced when I was a young girl coming home from school and finding my parents waiting for me with tea and sweets is something that I hope guests will feel when visiting Koffie ende Koeck,” the owner Maartje Borst says. A cute place for breakfast, lunch and sweets. They also have a pie shop with a Dutch classic apple pie, Italian carrot cake and Black Forest Zebra.

Little Plant Pantry
The store is a plant-based minimal waste wholefoods store. It’s a packaging-free shop, focusing on a zero-waste lifestyle. They sell syrups, spices, vegan cheeses, and many more vegan food products. At their food counter, you find freshly made meals like soups, vegetable stews and pies.

Maoz Vegan
An international falafel chain that started in 1991. In 2018, all restaurants in Amsterdam became fully vegan. The chain has the same concept as Subway, you choose what kind of meal you want and can customize it to your own taste. Besides falafel, they also serve vegan shoarma.

A pizzeria with two locations: Mastino V serves vegan and gluten-free pizza and Mastino 2.0 has plant-based pizza. They use authentic Italian ingredients. Their aim is to provide traditional Italian pizzas that respect their customers’ dietary restrictions and ethical principles.

Meatless District
The restaurant changes its menu every season with different cultural dishes. Mushroom and lentil faux gras with house-made butter and Plant Bouillabaisse, a Mediterranean saffron and fennel soup with artichoke heart, white beans and kale are some of their autumn dishes.

Buffalo soldier, Roti massala and Injera are some of their vegan soul food options. They serve plant-based African dishes, old-school Caribbean favorites and Southern classic.

Mr. Stacks
An all-day breakfast spot that serves vegan pancakes and tea. They serve iced, hot, black, green, fruit, white, milky and even bubble tea. You can choose from savory and sweet pancakes, like beetroot hummus stack and cinnamon rollercoaster stack.

Mr. & Ms. Watson
They are famous for their vegan cheese and are even awarded Best Vegan Cheese by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). At the restaurant, they serve a Prosecco cashew cheese fondue and at their cheese shop, you find parme vegano, faux goat, camemberti and more cheeses.

Oliver Green
“We started Oliver Green in a mission to contribute to a healthier society and provide an escape to the busy city life,” the founders Stefan and Merel say. Their specialty is The Mexican, a warm bowl filled with healthy goods. They serve breakfast, bowls, smoothies and sweets. On their website, you find the calories of every dish.

De Patchka
De Patchka is a vegan Korean and Japanese takeaway shop with dishes like Rainbow bibimbap, Cheesy Dakkalbi made from soy chicken, Beefy Bulgogi and Spicy Kimchi Ramen.

Rainbowls believes that eating a variety of colors allows you to take in all the necessary vitamins for a healthy and balanced diet. They have purple, violet, red, yellow, pink, orange, green and blue bowls, all made with vegan coconut yogurt.

Soil Vegan Café
The owners Gustavo and Remco were looking for a place where you can find quick but healthy plant-based food. Since they couldn’t find the perfect place, they decided to open one themselves. This place serves fast comfort food bowls, homemade pickles and fermented foods.

TerraZen Centre
A family-style restaurant on the side of the center of Amsterdam. “Our aim is simply to serve food which is beneficial to a community that is interested in organic health,” the owners Tomo and Izaba say. They serve dishes like Vegan Plate, Jamaican Plate and Tonkasu Don Buri.

Plant-based authentic Italian food, made with respect for animals and nature. The Maroccan-Italian owner and chef Salah grew up in the Italian city of Treviso and has worked in many Italian restaurants before starting Trevi’s. They serve classic, like Spaghetti Polpette, Truffle Pecorino and Pasta Carbonara.

Vegabond is a plant-based store and deli with a huge variety of vegan food like spinsch feta rolls, dutch sausage rolls, protein plates, oats, cheeses and bowls. You can just pick whatever looks good to you and pay at the counter.

Vegan Junk Food bar
Vegan Junk Food Bar is on a mission to create a positive impact on animal, environmental and human welfare. The first VJFB opened in 2017. Three years later, they have four restaurants in Amsterdam, one in Rotterdam and they’re opening in Barcelona, Spain, soon.

Vegan Sushi Bar
David and Veronica, both vegan, started the Vegan Sushi Bar. In Los Angeles and New York City, they visited some great vegan sushi places and loved it so much they wanted to start one themselves. They serve different types of sushi rolls, homemade fish substitutes and side dishes like gyoza and tempura.

From Wednesday till Sunday, you can choose between a three-, four- or five-course-meal. Their menu changes monthly and they’re driven by their love for animals, beautiful and delicious food and good wine.

Loving Hut
Loving Hut is one of the largest families of vegan restaurants in the world. They have more than 200 outlets in major cities all over the world with dishes like kimchi pancakes and vegetable tempura.

Mr Blou I Love You
A street food stall that serves homemade falafel with Japanese influences, soups, smoothies, salads, wraps, soups and vegan cakes. They make all thier dishes from scratch.

A healthy vegan takeaway restaurant that serves salads, wraps, sandwiches, smoothies and more. Everything is pure, organic, clean and selfmade. They have gluten-free, vegan and raw options. They also focus on being low waste and use minimal plastic.

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