Namibia puts 100 buffalos from national park up for sale

Buffalo, photo: Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash
Buffalo, photo: Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

Namibia has put a 100 of its buffalos up for sale to reduce the animals’ population. Seventy females and thirty males are being offered.

The country struggles with drought and thinks that getting rid of the 100 big animals will leave more grazing land.

The buffalos live peacefully in Waterberg Plateau Park, a national reserve located in central Namibia. They have been rounded up and put in enclosures to be sold soon.

The auction was first announced through adverts placed in local newspapers on Thursday. “The buyer will bear all the risks during and after the capture,” said the advert.

The most likely buyers will be game farmers who breed animals for hunters to shoot, environment ministry spokesman Romeo Muyunda said on Friday.

According to him, it makes sense to reduce the number of animals whenever there are too many of them, to reduce pressure on grazing land.

Last year the government sold around 1,000 animals, including 600 buffalo, 150 springboks, 60 giraffes and 28 elephants.

He declined to say how much the government hoped to raise or how many buffalos were currently in the park.

For those 100 buffalos put up for sale, life as they know it will end soon.

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