Horse found dead with eye and ear cut off in Sweden

Horse, photo: Oscar Nilsson on Unsplash
Horse, photo: Oscar Nilsson on Unsplash

A mutilated horse has been found dead in Sweden with injuries police said Wednesday they believe were inflicted by people. According to Swedish media, an eye and an ear had been cut off.

The attack looks similar to the horse attacks in France. An investigation has been opened into cruelty to animals, police said.

A month ago, a horse was attacked in the same area near the southern Swedish town of Jonkoping, but survived. 

This time the animal was found dead on a horse farm “with several injuries that we think were inflicted by people,” local police official Thomas Agnevik told AFP.

These cases are the first ones reported in Sweden since a grisly wave of attacks in France.

French authorities have been at a loss to explain the attacks, in which more than 150 horses have had ears sliced off, genitals cut and skin lacerated.

Several people are thought to have been involved in France, leading to speculations of a satanic rite or an internet cult.

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