Starbucks will add plant-based snacks to menus in Asia

Starbucks location, photo: Asael Peña on Unsplash
Starbucks location, photo: Asael Peña on Unsplash

Starbucks said on Tuesday it would add plant-based food and beverages to menus across Asia. They will include products from Impossible Foods, Oatly and Beyond Meat to target customers who care about the environment.

The impact of plant-based food and beverages on the environment is less than products that rely on animal farming. Those products usually need more land and water.

Impossible Foods, Oatly and Beyond Meat want to be part of the rising plant-based market in Asia. Demand for vegan food is growing.

According to David Yeung, the founder of Green Monday, a plant-based lifestyle platform, the number of flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans in Hong Kong has increased from 5% to 34% in just eight years. And 79% of the population is willing to try plant-based products.

The American coffee chain’s new food items will include the Spiced Impossible Puff and Maize Impossible Sandwich in Hong Kong, and Beyond Meat Bolognese Penne in Taiwan. In Singapore, it will launch the Impossible Wrap.

Drinks will include the Oatmilk Cocoa Macchiato from Oatly in Malaysia and the Philippines.

Starbucks began offering plant-based meals in Canada in February.

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