Mother whale and her baby play with crowd of surfers in Australia

A southern right whale mother and her calf came within meters of a crowd of surfers on Sydney’s Manly Beach.

Drone video showed the mother and calf pair swimming right up to the crowd of surfers, with the mother whale nearly pushing some surfers off their boards in an effort to protect her calf.

“The mum and her calf came ridiculously close to the shore up to where the surfers were,” Instagram account @whatifwefly_ wrote.

The account, run by a Dutch couple living in Australia, said that they lived very close to the beach. “My friend gave me a call. So we ran to the beach with the drone,” the couple said.

Southern right whales, like humpback whales, migrate north to breed before returning to sub-Antarctic latitudes to feed during summer in the southern hemisphere. They are one of the largest whale species and are said to be curious and playful.

Source: Reuters

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