Friendly kangaroo ‘arrested’ by police in Florida

Kangaroo behind bars, photo: still Reuters
Kangaroo behind bars, photo: still Reuters

Police officers captured a runaway kangaroo after it was spotted hopping through a neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale. The encounter was caught on bodycam.

“I’m trying to catch a kangaroo,” a police officer is heard telling the dispatch, as he drives towards the neighborhood where the kangaroo was spotted.

The kangaroo appeared nonchalant and calmly licked his paws as Fort Lauderdale police officers, typically used to capturing dogs, pythons or the occasional alligator, discussed over how to catch it.

Finally, the kangaroo is seen hopping towards a police officer who then puts his arms around it as other police officers tie a leash around it.

“I’m so happy I have this on bodycam,” an officer is heard saying.

The kangaroo didn’t appear to put up a fight as officers struggled to push it into a police car. Officers later described it as very “friendly” .

The kangaroo was taken to a stable where the police department keeps their horses.

A spokeswoman said the kangaroo would stay in the stable while Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission conducts an investigation into how the animal, native to Australia, arrived in Florida.

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