Ricky Gervais believes the world would be better without humans

Ricky Gervais believes the world would be better
Ricky Gervais, London, 2018, photo: Phil Lewis/WENN.com

Ricky Gervais thinks the world would be a better place without people. He blames humans for the extinction of many species.

Speaking on Nicky Campbell’s pet-themed podcast One of the Family, Gervais claimed humans wouldn’t be missed if they were to be wiped out. Without people, the planet would have a chance to heal.

“We are part of nature. We are not above it. We are not in charge,” he said. Humans are not the most important species, Gervais told Campbell: “If we were wiped out tomorrow the world would be a better place. It would go back and it would be perfect again.”

“If bees are wiped out, we’re all screwed. We’re not as important as bees. We are one great ape, that’s all we are,” Gervais added.

Gervais said he blames humanity for much of the destruction of the natural world: “99 percent of all species are now extinct, and we are responsible for a big chunk of them in the last 200 years.”

However, Gervais went on to insist that he’s not a misanthrope, saying: “I like people, they are just not my favorite animal.”

The After Life star is a committed supporter of animal rights, and recently signed a letter backing moves to ban the ownership of exotic pets in the United Kingdom.

Source: Reuters

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  1. Exactly my opinion!!
    Especially the comment: “I like people, they are just not my favorite animal.” I had to laugh!!
    I understand him. For instance people hide a lot for one another. Talk behind their backs etc., fight war and think they are the most intelligent animal on this planet. Of course our tipe of behavior is also found in other (especially social) species, it certainly comes with the social behaviour of any social animal. But in my opinion 2 things are different from any other animal on this beautifull earth (becomes less though..)which then leads back to the opinion.

    First point for me is that most animals only hurt other animals, when it’s necessary for survival at that moment in time. And of course their are animals who go further (kill without eating it afterwards for example).
    Humans are the only animals who also do this, but they go a lot further. We do it all!! Even up to the point of personal entertainment and experiments. Of course I know there are more animals who also do the bad things we do to eachother and other animals.
    Which brings me to my second point. I don’t think there is one other animal who does this at a scale on the planet as we do. Of course on microlevel this is certainly not true. But on macrolevel like we do, there is no other animal.

    In my opinion at this moment of time we are up to a point that the world and resources are up to a max (of course the distribution is certainly not fair for everyone….). So till the time that of course hopefully we will reconsider our total way of life and living on this planet. Than in time that balance in my opinion will counterstrike us at some point in the future.

    But hope is a strong force. This also can be seen plentifully in our lives everyday, but also in all other animals!
    I therefore hope that we indeed are the most intelligent animal on the planet. And use our talent to go outside ourselves and look at ourselves again. And than realize this is not the way. And most importaintly admit to your error(s)!!!

    Love to everyone!

    there will come a time (asap!) were again we are at peace with our environment and the animals in that of course


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