Canada finds 38 dead puppies on plane from Ukraine

French Bulldog on rug, photo: Alexandru Sofronie via Unsplash
French Bulldog on rug, photo: Alexandru Sofronie via Unsplash

Canada is investigating the discovery of about 500 puppies on an airplane, 38 of them had died. The puppies, all French bulldogs, were found last week in an airplane that had arrived at Toronto airport from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

The puppies that were still alive on the Ukraine International Airlines plane were sick and dehydrated, some vomiting. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will investigate how the dogs ended up on the flight.

According to animal protection organizations, the puppies were transported with false documents. They state that large numbers of puppies are transported more often, as they are easily bred in Ukraine and are popular in Canada.

Canada has strict rules regarding the transportation of animals on airplanes. For example, at most two crates of animals are allowed per flight. If the temperature in the city of departure or arrival is above 30 degrees, animal transport is not even allowed.

Ukraine International Airlines posted condolences on social media and stated that it fully cooperated with the investigation.

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