Animal rights activists nude in Paris: Not your mother, not your milk

Not your mother, not your milk, photo: Reuters
Not your mother, not your milk, photo: Reuters

Four animal rights activists bared their breasts in central Paris on Friday ahead of Mother’s Day in France to encourage people to stop drinking milk.

With slogans like ‘Milk = cruelty’ and ‘Not your mother, not your milk’ painted on their chests and bellies, the PETA activists (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) wanted to draw attention to the suffering of cows. Their calves are taken away at birth so that they can produce milk for dairy farms.

The women said that on Mother’s Day, which is on Sunday, people think of human mothers’ bond with their children, but that animals also strongly bond with their babies and that no industry exploits that bond on a bigger scale than the dairy industry.

They added that there is no need to drink milk as there are many plant-based alternatives such as soy milk, oat milk and milk made from rice, spelt, almonds and cashews.

France is Europe’s second-biggest milk producer in Europe after Germany, with an output of nearly 24 billion liters of milk per year and an annual turnover of about 30 billion euros.

Source: Reuters

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