Susie the tiny dog: from being dumped in Romania to a fresh start in the UK

Animal News : Tiny dog Susie was beaten and dumped in a plastic bag in Romania
Susie when she was found, photo: Sirius Animal Rescue

“Susie was in rough shape. She was so hungry. Someone said there was a dog in a bag outside. She was extremely skinny, her fur looked horrible,” Mihaela Maria Tanta, founder of Sirius Animal Rescue in Romania, says about the moment they first saw Susie.

“We had her for a couple of weeks. We built her up. We fed her properly. She is an incredible dog. She loves everyone, so I don’t get the person who abandoned her,” Tanta continues. “We started vaccinations and spayed her. And then she was adopted.”

Susie now lives in the United Kingdom. Sirius Animal Rescue works with Evermore Dog Rescue to find suitable homes in the UK for their dogs. They’re looking for an organization that could help with the adoption of their cats.

Tanta started Sirius two years ago: “It started from seeing a lot of neglect and pain. Seeing dogs every day on the street. Dogs being hit on the side of the road, trying to help. We said we have to do something. And we did.”

In two years, they grew fast. “We are seven people that take care of 150 dogs and 50 cats”, she tells The Animal Reader. “Volunteers would be awesome to help spread the word and help us with spaying dogs.”

Tanta says that spaying is the only solution for the stray animal problem. Her organization offers free spaying in the village Capusu for people that can’t afford it.

We talked with Mihaela Maria Tanta about Susie, animal welfare in Romania, her organization Sirius Animal Rescue and Janey, the dog with two legs but lives like she has four.

If you want to know more about Sirius Animal Rescue and see how you can help them, click here.

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