Woman looks after Jordan’s stray cats despite losing her job

Woman looks after stray cats in Jordan, photo: Still from video Reuters
Woman looks after stray cats in Jordan, photo: Still from video Reuters

Every morning at around dawn, Brenda Kasen stacks a tray with chicken and bones and goes up to her roof to dozens of cats waiting for their breakfast.

Originally from the Philippines, Kasen has been living in Jordan for 16 years. She has recently lost her job as a babysitter due to concerns over the coronavirus.

Despite the economic strain this has caused her, Kasen insists on spending whatever money she has to feed the cats.

Most of the animals who come to her are strays who live in the neighborhood. Some are rescues she houses in her tiny apartment.

In addition to feeding the cats, Kasen also buys medicine for sick or injured animals. She says this can cost her hundreds of dollars a month, which puts a huge strain on her limited resources.

Still, she says not being able to feed the cats would break her heart. “I am like their mother,” she said.

Source: Reuters

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