Tuki the giant tortoise turned 100 years old in Turkey

100th Birthday for Tuki the giant tortoise
100th Birthday for Tuki the giant tortoise, photo: Still from video Reuters

Turkey’s oldest tortoise, Tuki, turned 100 years old on Thursday and celebrated with a quiet birthday party. The Faruk Yalcin zoo in Turkey, where Tuki lives, remained closed to visitors because of the coronavirus.

A small party was arranged for Tuki with balloons and a giant birthday cake made of lettuce and vegetables. He was accompanied by his friends, another tortoise and a group of llamas.

Born in 1920, Tuki is Turkey’s only Aldabra tortoise, one of the largest species of tortoise in the world. They originate from Seychelles and are among the longest-lived animals, with some reaching more than 200 years.

Tortoises are turtles that only live on land and aren’t made to be in water.

“If you want to live longer, if you want to live long as Tuki and if you want to protect yourself from illnesses, try more herbs, more vegetables to keep you fit and safe from viruses,” zoo director Can Bodur said.

Bodur also said Aldabra tortoises are an endangered species because people destroy their natural habitat: “We really need to change our behavior as consumers, as human beings. We have to decide that we are not the masters of this wildlife. We are only a part of this ecosystem.” 

Source: Reuters

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