Crimean family adopts wolf cub Lobo

Animal News : Crimean family adopts wolf cub Lobo
Lobo, the baby wolf, photo: Still from video Reuters

A family living at their horse ranch in the Crimean town of Belogorsk has taken in wolf cub Lobo who they found near their land.

The Gaziyev family took the baby wolf in when he was around two weeks old. They named him Lobo after a Soviet movie about a wolf. “He is not afraid of us and does not bite us,” the 11-year-old Nazly Gaziyev said.

Lobo appears to like Nazly, playing and allowing her to cradle him in her arms. The family does not know how long the wolf cub will stay with them but they are happy to let Lobo explore their horse ranch for the time being.

Abandoned wolf cubs
Wolf cubs can be abandoned for several reasons. It could be because of the death or illness of the mother, lack of food resources leading the pack to move on without weaker members, or human interference such as habitat destruction or illegal hunting activities that disrupt the pack structure.

The survival chances of abandoned wolf cubs in the wild are generally low. Wolf cubs rely heavily on their mother for nourishment and protection during their early life stages.

Source: Reuters

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