Tiny dog Susie was beaten and dumped in a plastic bag in Romania

Tiny dog Susie was beaten and left in a plastic bag
Susie when she was found, photo: Sirius Animal Rescue

The animal rescue organization Sirius Animal Rescue was told that a puppy had been dumped in a plastic bag in the village Capusu Mare in Romania. When they went to see the dog, she turned out to be a female adult dog, not a puppy, who had been extremely neglected.

They took her home and named her Susie. A week after finding her, they spayed her. To their horror, they discovered that Susie had pyometra, an infection in the uterus, and medical reports revealed she had been beaten, not once but many times.

She got medical care and a lot of love and affection from other dogs and humans. Now, Susie is ready to take the first flight available to England where she has found a forever home. Sirius Animal Rescue works with the English organization Evermore Dog Rescue.

Sirius Animal Rescue told The Animal Reader: “Susie is an adorable dog, who wants to be loved and to love humans, even when someone abandoned her like garbage. As adults, we should not believe in monsters, but life proves us too often that they do exist. The nightmare of this dog came to an end. But how many other dogs are beaten and tormented, and we know nothing about them?”

About people abandoning their animals in Romania during the coronavirus crisis, they said: “Maybe some of us would have expected that this collective tragedy which hit us would make us better, more responsible, more humane. Unfortunately, it is not so at all. The soulless, ‘moral-less’ people keep abandoning innocent beings.”

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