One thousand pigs killed in barn fire in Holland

Mother pig behind bars, photo: Jo-Anne McArthur / Animal Equality
Mother pig behind bars, photo: Jo-Anne McArthur / Animal Equality

A huge barn fire in Holland killed a thousand pigs Thursday night into Friday. Around midnight, the fire brigade was notified that one of the stables of a pig farmer in Brabant was on fire.

The stable of 2000 square meters burned down completely. The pigs couldn’t get out and died in the fire.

The fire brigade was able to prevent another stable from catching fire. In total, the farm has 6,000 pigs. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

In 2019, there were 41 barn fires in the Netherlands that killed over 175,000 animals. Research from the platform for investigative journalism Ivestico shows that the number of fires has increased significantly in recent years.

In the past eight years, over one million animals were killed in barn fires in the Netherlands.

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