We’re not alone on this planet: Man feeds hungry stray cats in Morocco

Man feeds hungry stray cats in Morocco
Kittens on the street in Morocco, Still from video

Every day after selling newspapers, Abdelaziz El-Edresy gets on his bicycle carrying bags of meat and rides around the Moroccan capital Rabat looking for stray cats to feed.

The 39-year-old man began doing this after Marocco went on lockdown to fight the spread of the novel coronavirus. The lockdown meant restaurants could no longer feed their leftovers to the cats.

So El-Edresy decided to share the little money he gets, with the hungry felines: “We don’t live alone on this planet, there are animals and other creatures living with us that we have to care for.”

“They are our responsibility. If we don’t take care of them, no one will. If there are just 10 or 20 people in each town to do this, there won’t be a problem,” he adds.

As soon as he’s done with work, El-Edresy goes to a market in the Al-Qumra district in Rabat to buy chicken and meat leftovers to distribute around town.

The vendor feeds around 50 stray cats a day. Some were abandoned by their owners after the coronavirus outbreak.

Source: Reuters

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