Russian shelter struggles to feed dogs in coronavirus lockdown

Terrified dog in Russian shelter, photo: Still video Reuters
Terrified dog in Russian shelter, photo: Still video Reuters

Nearly 200 dogs who live at the Russian animal shelter Timvill face starvation because of the coronavirus lockdown.

Following the recently-introduced social distancing measures shelter director Yekaterina Ublinskaya has closed the shelter as well as a small shop which revenue was used to buy dog food.

The shelter in the Russian most-west region of Kaliningrad also received donations from visitors – mainly in the form of dog food, which recently has become impossible.

Ublinskaya said that 200 dogs eat around 75 kilograms of food daily, so a steady flow of food is essential for the survival of the animals.

The dogs stay in small cages and there are not enough people to take them for walks.

Using cages allows to host more dogs at once and for now, it is the only way to keep all animals in the shelter which they can afford, Ublinskaya told Reuters.

Some of the dogs find new homes relatively quickly. But the sick and old dogs are likely to be stuck in Timvill for the rest of their lives.

Source: Reuters

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