Famous wildlife worker shares horrific video of a dog being cooked alive

Still from the video of a dog being cooked alive
Still from the video of a dog being cooked alive

Wildlife worker, animal rights activist and Instagram personality Dean Schneider posted a video on Wednesday to create awareness for the dog and cat meat trade in Asia. In the video you see a dog being cooked while still alive. The video has been viewed over 5.5 million times.

The wildlife worker finds the level of cruelty unbelievable. ‘This man could have killed the dog instantly through a headshot or other instant killing methods, but he chooses to cook the dog alive and let him suffer a slow and painful death’ he says in his Instagram post.

Schneider is known for being cuddly with his lions and cheetahs. In his videos, you usually see him playing, hugging and running around with his wildlife animals in South Africa. He gets support for posting the video, but also some backlash for sharing something so cruel and graphic on his usually happy account.

He responded to the backlash in his stories, saying that ‘it’s important to see videos like this so that we can do something to stop it’. He referred to the petition to stop dog and cat meat trade worldwide, which has since his post been signed by more than 150 thousand people.

He also added that a lot of people in Asia are fighting to end this and that people should not use this video as an opportunity to leave racist comments.

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⚠️ENOUGH IS ENOUGH⚠️ What the FU*K is going on here???? I usually always post about POSITIVE things cause my Mission is to bring Animals into People‘s Hearts❤️ which I want to achieve with Love but this needs to be seen👀! • This post is NOT about whether eating meat is right or wrong! It is about the humans desire to see👀 & make other living beings suffer!😓 This is cruelty at its highest level!🤬 Think about it: This Man could have killed the dog instantly through a headshot or other instant killing methods but he chooses to cook🔥 the Dog🐕 alive and let him suffer a slow and painful dead 😭 • Why should someone want to do this?🤷🏼‍♂️ Is it a Lack of EDUCATION? Wrong beliefs? Whats the problem????😥 • And The worst thing is: It‘s our all fault‼️ As long as we let these things happen we all contribute indirectly to this cruelty! You can‘t say: Well I‘m not cooking dogs alive so this message is not ment for me! As long as we watch👀 those people doing things like this without taking action we all are part of the cruelty 😢 (I‘m including myself too!) • We HAVE TO spread the word, sign petitions and stand up for animals whenever we can, wherever we go! • ⚠️ONE MORE THING⚠️: A lot of people are looking at this Video🎥 and want to beat this man up, kill him or torture him the same way he does it with the Dog! Me too!😤 But☝🏼 Wouldn‘t the right thing be to make him fall in Love with Dogs? 🤔 What would have a more positive impact on this problem? Torture and kill him? Or Make him love them? 🤯🤔 • MORE INFOS & PETITIONS TO SIGN 👉🏼 @nom_aly / @animalhopeandwellness

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  1. This article is really sad. We should do something. Like maybe contact the president about it. I just get so emotional hearing about this stuff. I mean, it’s sad enough watching the ASPCA commercials without crying! WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING


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