Shocking video of extremely scared manatee dragged over the streets in Nigeria

Photo by Maegan Luckiesh on Unsplash
Photo by Maegan Luckiesh on Unsplash

A very disturbing video of an African manatee being dragged over the streets in Nigeria is causing online outrage. The endangered animal is tied in ropes and trying to get away while being pulled over the hard ground by three men.

The video was made on the 21st of February and shared by Blue Planet Society, a volunteer pressure group campaigning to end the overexploitation of the world’s ocean.

“That a supposedly protected West African manatee can be abused in such a public way in Nigeria is shocking. Much more effort is needed in raising levels of protection, education and awareness for these gentle animals in all the countries where they exist,” they told The Animal Reader.

Sharon Ikeazor, the minister of Environment in Nigeria, responded in shock on Twitter: “My attention has been drawn to a very distressing and distasteful video of a captured manatee in the Niger Delta Region being dragged on bare ground to a cruel fate by some ill-informed/uninformed youth. I strongly condemn this act.”

Even though African manatees are endangered animals, people still hunt them for meat. They’re also quickly losing their natural habitat and get hurt by boats and nets.

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