Delhi needs a good spay and neuter program

Dogs at Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation
Dogs at Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation

“If you do it (spay and neuter) for ten years, I think everything is done. The problem is solved,” Dorothy Ghosh says about the growing number of stray dogs and cats in Delhi. She runs the Kalyani Animal Welfare Foundation in Delhi.

“If you identify a certain area, set up camp over there for 10 to 15 days, do all the dogs over there with sterilization and vaccination. Then this area is done. Then you go to the neighboring areas. And slowly, you can spread yourself. The entire city will be done. Then you go to the outskirts,” she says about the way a good spay and neuter program should be conducted.

Kalyani is a permanent home for dogs that Dorothy feels won’t survive as strays. She has around 100 dogs. She’s working hard to get funding for a bigger place for her dogs.

Hate animals
Most stray dogs in Delhi look scared, even when you try to feed them. “Most of the people are not animal lovers. A lot of people are haters of animals. If someone feeds a dog, a stray dog, the neighbors can be so hostile to this person,” Dorothy says. “The animals are so loving. People should understand that, that’s the most important part.”

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