Auction to kill wild animals at trophy hunt convention in the US

Photo by Paul Hart on Unsplash
Photo by Paul Hart on Unsplash

Safari Club International’s annual convention promotes the senseless killing of wild animals

Thousands of trophy hunters from around the world have gathered in Nevada for the world’s largest trophy hunt convention, held by Safari Club International.

Trophy hunter Donald Trump Jr. is scheduled to speak on Saturday. At the convention, there are a few auctions where you can bid for a trip where you get to kill a wild animal.

One of the hunts up for bid is a 7-day trip to Alaska with Donald Trump Jr. to murder a black-tailed deer.

Other prizes include the chance to shoot an elephant in Namibia, an all-inclusive hunt package to Zimbabwe to kill buffalo, giraffe or zebra and a crocodile hunting expedition in South Africa.

The annual convention will feature approximately 870 exhibitors selling wildlife parts from animal heads to their skin, as well as trophy hunting trips to kill black bears, wolves, leopards, elephants, caracal, bat-eared foxes, duiker, giraffe and zebra.

Jeff Flocken, president of Humane Society International, said: “Trophy hunting is unethical, ecologically devastating, and inflicts cruelty on wild animals. It’s time that we move beyond a colonial pastime and celebrate wild animals in their natural environment.”

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