Top 10 vegan restaurants in Rotterdam

Photo by Jannis Brandt on Unsplash
Photo by Jannis Brandt on Unsplash

2020 will be the year of delicious vegan food. People want to enjoy good food without hurting animals in the process. The past two years new vegan restaurants opened in Rotterdam with completely different dishes. Since I live in the city, I’ll share my favorite ones with you.

Happy Food and Health
This cute little place on the Nieuwe Binnenweg is a hidden gem in the city. The food is amazing. We had the lasagna and flatbread with köfte. The flatbread usually doesn’t come with köfte, but the owner made it for us so we could try it. The owner is such a warm man and a great cook. Even my non-vegan friend was extremely impressed by the flavors and taste. A must if you live in or visit the city.

Veggie is a Brazilian coffee bar. We went there for a high tea and got some really nice grilled sandwiches with humus, spinach quiches, muffins, a smoothie and delicious Brazilian ‘cheese’ balls. The owner is a very sweet Brazilian woman. The place feels like you’re on vacation with very cozy interior and Brazilian music in the background.

Sharp Sharp
“Renate & Frank vow, to bake you cakes, to enjoy & to cherish and we do promise not to harm human, animal & planet in our food until food do us part”, is the beautiful statement of the owners. They’re famous for their many square cakes. Every flavor that you can think of, they have. Recently they also opened a lunch place next to their bakery and their wrap is one of the best I ever had.

Jack Bean
Right across from Central Station it’s very easy to reach. My favorite for lunch, probably not the healthiest, is their burger with fries. If you’re going for something healthier their bowls are good too.

Gare du Nord
Quite an experience to dine in an old train wagon in the middle of the city. Every week they serve a different menu to not waste food. They try to use as many local biological products as possible.

This is the best fine vegan dining I’ve seen in Rotterdam. The place is pretty and the food is so good. And they give good portions for the price. We had all their snacks and were full. The wine’s good, the cocktails are amazing and the staff is friendly. This place has it all!

Vegan Junk Food Bar
They have four locations in Amsterdam and recently opened one in Rotterdam. Classic shawarma, waffle fries, burgers, onion rings, bitterballs and more. Any junk food you can think of, they have. And combined with their cocktails and their beautiful interior, it’s a perfect for a date night.

Flower Burger
They opened their first vegan burger fast food place in Milan in 2015. Now they have 10 locations in Italy, one in France and one in Rotterdam. They have burgers in every color of the rainbow with different flavors.

Heavenly Cupcakes
They were one of the first vegan bakeries in Rotterdam. My favorites are their red velvet and chocolate cupcakes. For breakfast and lunch they also have croissants and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Sushi, noodles, roti rolls, burgers and more delicious vegan Asian fusion foods. In October 2019 they updated their menu. I haven’t tried the new menu yet, but will keep you posted when I do.

Places I haven’t visited yet, is Backyard Foodhallen. And you can get great vegan cakes at SUE but they also serve cow milk if a customer wants that.

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