Giraffe that escaped in Thailand found dead in a canal

Photo by Kelly Arnold on Unsplash
Photo by Kelly Arnold on Unsplash

A giraffe that escaped from a truck while being transported to a zoo in Thailand was found dead in a drainage canal Thursday.

The animal was found about 500 meters from where it and another giraffe fled Tuesday when the truck slowed on a highway, police in Chachoengsao province said.

One giraffe was quickly recaptured, but the other ran into the woods even after being shot with a tranquilizer dart.

The animals were being transported to a breeding station after arrival at a Bangkok airport and were among several dozen animals imported by Safari World, a private zoo operator.

Torn lotuses in the canal suggested the giraffe tried to escape the slippery ditch until he was exhausted and drowned, according to the local police.

The police said an autopsy would be conducted on the giraffe by Safari World.

Source: AP

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