Squealing pig tied up and forced to bungee jump in China

Photo by Amber Kipp on Unsplash
Photo by Amber Kipp on Unsplash

A Chinese theme park thought forcing a pig to bungee jump as a PR stunt, was a good idea. Videos of the all-tied-up animal screaming of fear and pain when he’s pushed down, have caused an online outage.

The pig was brought to the top by two men, his front and back legs tied with ropes hanging on a wooden stick.

He was then put in bungee cords and shoved over the ramp. You can hear him screaming in fear and pain as he falls. People are heard laughing and cheering in videos.

After the ‘marketing’ stunt, the pig was brought to a slaughterhouse and killed.

The incident happened on Friday at the theme park Meixin Village of Wine in the city Chongqing in southwest China. The park wanted to celebrate the opening of their bungee attraction.

Animal protection organization PETA condemned the incident, calling it ‘animal cruelty at its worst.’ “Pigs experience pain and fear in the same ways that we do, and this disgusting PR stunt should be illegal,” Jason Baker from PETA told BBC News.

The theme park has since put out a statement, saying that it accepted the criticism it had received: “We sincerely accept netizens’ criticism and advice and apologize to the public.”

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