Extremely malnourished dog Gabriel is slowly gaining weight

Dog Gabriel
Gabriel, photo: Dunn County Humane Society

Two weeks ago, Gabriel arrived extremely emaciated at the Dunn County Humane Society, an animal shelter in Wisconsin. You could see his bones through his skin as he weighed only 23.5 pounds. A dog his size should weigh at least 60 pounds.

The dog could barely walk and was having a hard time breathing. “This is the worst case that I have seen for emaciated and body score condition,” the manager of the shelter told CBS Minnesota. They estimate the dog is two years old.

Police immediately started an investigation and found the woman who was supposed to take care of Gabriel. They arrested a 29-year-old woman for animal abuse; she had not given the dog food and water.

She told the police she had abandoned the dog because she was dealing with personal problems. In December, she has to appear in court. Online and offline, people responded furiously for abusing Gabriel like this.

Gabriel was dropped at the shelter on the 1st of November. Since then, the Dunn County Humane Society has been doing everything to make Gabriel healthy and happy again. And he’s slowly getting better, gaining weight and playing.

Keep following the progress of Gabriel on the Facebook page of Dunn County Humane Society.

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