Extremely injured boa found in waste dump in Holland

Extremely injured boa found in waste dump in Holland, photo: Dierenhulpdienst Nederland
Extremely injured boa found in waste dump in Holland, photo: Dierenhulpdienst Nederland

A boa constrictor was found so badly injured in a waste dump in Amsterdam that it had to be put to sleep Wednesday afternoon. The snake’s mouth was folded backwards and there were several fractures in its jaw. He also had many broken and bruised ribs.

The snake, that was between 1.50 and 1.80 meters long, was found by a garbage collector who wanted to dump a new load of garbage. At that moment he saw something moving between the trash. The animal probably ended up there because it was dumped in an underground waste container.

The Animal Assistance Service Netherlands writes on Facebook that the snake was probably in the container for a long time before it was emptied. They’re so angry at whoever did this, stating that the animal could have been saved with just one phone call to an animal rescue center instead of dumping it.

The owner of the reptile sanctuary where the boa was brought, told the local news station AT5 that he does not understand that someone could do this to the animal: “I am not known to swear, but I wish the person who did this a lot of unpleasantness.”

A reward of € 500 has now been promised for the tip that leads to the owner of the boa. The first € 100 was made available by the emergency service, the rest of the money was put together by other animal lovers.

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