Man arrested for killing injured nilgai by burying him alive

Male Nilgai, Wikipedia, photo: Charles J.Sharp

The driver of the excavator who buried an injured nilgai (blue bull) alive in Bihar, has been arrested, according to animal welfare organization PETA India. Last week the animal was filmed while it was being buried alive.

Hunters in the Vaishali district in Bihar supposedly had permission to shoot and kill 300 nilgais because they were destroying crops of farmers in the area.

One of the blue bulls was shot, but didn’t die. The hunters decided to shove the injured animal in a hole with a machine and to cover him in sand. In the video you see the nilgai looking scared, trying to get away, but not being able to move.

After being fully covered, you see the ground moving until he dies. The video caused an online outrage. The video has been viewed more than 3 million times and people responded the extreme cruelty done to the innocent nilgai.

Instead of killing the blue bulls, the government could think of other solutions to protect the crops of farmers. Fencing the area of farmers so blue bulls can’t enter could be a solution but the government only helps financially if the land is at least 25 acres big. Most farmers there don’t have that much land so they don’t get help with fencing.

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