Marmaduke the dog finally adopted after 1001 days at animal shelter

Marmaduke the dog finally adopted, photo: Valley Animal Center
Marmaduke the dog finally adopted, photo: Valley Animal Center

He waited for over 1000 days, but Marmaduke finally found his human. He arrived at the Valley Animal Center in California in November 2016.

In honor of his adoption the animal shelter made a video telling his story. They describe him as a cute but stubborn dog when he first came to them.

Volunteers at the shelter and an animal training center nearby started training him to make his chances of getting adopted higher.

He was making progress and word was spread that Marmaduke was up for adoption. But time passed and he didn’t find his match.

1001 days living at the animal shelter went by until his perfect match came walking through the door. After a few visits, they made it official. They would be buddies for life.

His human takes the six year old dog on daily walks and they show each other a lot of love. Volunteers at the animal shelter couldn’t be happier for him, ending the video with “Congrats Marmaduke..Happy tails DO exist.”

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