World Elephant Day: Abused or killed, on the verge of extinction

Animal News : World Elephant Day: Abused or killed, on the verge of extinction
World Elephant Day: Abused or killed, on the verge of extinction, photo: Paweldotio/Unsplash

Today is World Elephant Day, a day to bring the world together to help elephants. And that’s very necessary, because at the rate that elephants are being abused and killed, future generations will only know of elephants from pictures and videos.

There are 62% less elephants than there were 10 years ago and they will probably be extinct in the coming years if we keep treating them the way we do.

Only 400.000 African elephants are left in the world. With ivory being so popular in China, almost 100 African elephants are killed per day for money. As of 2011, more elephants are being killed than born. So extinction is just a matter of time. Unless the demand for ivory stops.

Of Asian elephants there are even less in the world, only 40.000. They’re also killed for their ivory or kidnapped as babies from their mothers and trained to be rides for tourists or perform in circuses.

Demonstration in Jaipur
Sunday animal rights fighters demonstrated on bicycles in Jaipur in India, demanding the end of elephant rides. Elephants are being forced to carry tourists up a steel hill to visit Amber Fort. A year ago the animal welfare organization PETA inspected these animals and came to the conclusion that they were very ill and should not be forced to do this. Sadly these same elephants are still ‘working’.

Number 44
In February last year tourists filmed an elephant being beaten in Jaipur by 8 men for 10 minutes because he tried to escape his enslaved life. Indian celebrities reacted with horror when they saw the images. But even this elephant, known as elephant number 44, is still forced to carry tourists.

What can you do?
Sadly all captive elephants are being beaten and pained when they don’t do what they’re ‘told’. On this day take a moment to look at what’s happening with elephants and help them by simply spreading the word or supporting organizations fighting for their safety. And never ever ride an elephant or buy ivory.

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