Animal welfare organizations call for immediate boycott of 12 famous zoos

A lion in a show at Puy de Fou in France. Photo: World Animal Protection
A lion in a show at Puy de Fou in France. Photo: World Animal Protection

Dolphins performing stunts and being ridden as surfboards, elephants performing in shows with props, tigers and lions being forced to take part in theatrical shows and primates being used as photo props. These are some of the activities that wild animals are forced to do in zoos and aquariums around the world.

To make wild animals do these performances, they have to be trained hard. It’s not natural for them to ‘jump through a hoop’. The new study ‘The show can’t go on’ calls for an end of the suffering of wild animals at zoos and aquariums.

Animal welfare organizations World Animal Protection and Change for Animals Foundation visited ‘top’ zoos and aquariums in the world and confirmed that cruel and demeaning performances and activities are taking place, causing these animals great physical and mental distress.

They’re calling for an immediate boycott of the following zoos and aquariums that still practice activities causing tremendous harm to animals.

  • Dolphin Island (Resort World Sentosa) – Singapore
  • Zoo D’Amneville – France
  • Jungle Cat World – Canada
  • African Lion Safari – Canada
  • Cango Wildlife Ranch – South Africa
  • Sea World – Australia
  • SeaWorld – San Antonio, USA
  • Zoo Marine – Portugal
  • Puy du Fou – France
  • Avilon Zoo – Philippines
  • Mystic Monkeys & Feather Wildlife Park – South Africa
  • Ichihara Elephant Kingdom – Japan

The animal welfare organizations want the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), the global alliance of worldwide zoos and aquariums, to take actions against these practices in zoos and aquariums. You can sign the petition here.

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