Stealing milk from babies is extremely cruel

Stealing milk from babies is extremely cruel, photo: Sebastien via Unsplash
Stealing milk from babies is extremely cruel, photo: Sebastien via Unsplash

When I became vegetarian, I would still drink milk and eat cheese. After a while I stopped drinking milk but absolutely loved cheese. I used to say ‘it’s so hard to give up, I just love it so much’.

Back then I didn’t realize how cruel the dairy industry is. Whether it’s organic or not, the core of the industry is just cruel. Stealing milk from a mom that she wants to give to her child is a barbaric practice.

All dairy products are made of milk. Milk that does not belong to us. Like humans, animals start producing milk in their bodies when they’re pregnant. Milk that’s meant for their baby.

It’s so logical to us that when a woman gets a son or daughter, her milk is meant for her child. Giving that child fake milk and pumping her breast so we could use her milk to make cheese or just to drink it, would be such an inhumane thing to do.

Yet, with animals it has become so normal. We find it okay to take a baby cow away from his mom and use the milk, that’s meant for her baby, for ourselves. Just because we love cheese so much.

For a cow to keep producing milk, she has to be pregnant constantly. And she doesn’t get pregnant in a loving way. Sperm is shoved up her vagina by humans so she can get pregnant. With humans it’s called rape.

It’s a sick industry and sadly one of the biggest industries in my country, Holland. People around the world just love our cheese so much.

From the moment they’re born the calves are kept away from their moms. They don’t get a sip of their milk. They never get to experience those beautiful moments a newborn should have with his or her mom. They basically never see each other again.

If you still drink milk or eat cheese, I hope watching these videos will change your mind. The milk of a cow is simply not meant for us but for her baby. And ‘loving cheese’ is not a reason to support this industry. I wish I realized that sooner.

Mom running after her child after just giving birth.
This baby just wants and needs to be with his mom. Notice how hard the man pulls the baby away.
This video is from Mercy for Animals. This proces happend over and over again.
This was the biggest undercover dairy investigation this year. This was at Fair Oaks farm, that Fair life milk which is a part Coca Cola Corporation.
See how happy the baby and mom are when they’re reunited.

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