Animal rights activists to follow on Instagram

Animal rights activists to follow on Instagram, photo: Serenity Mitchell
Animal rights activists to follow on Instagram, photo: Serenity Mitchell

More and more animal advocates are using Instagram to keep their followers up-to-date with their actions. It’s a quick way to share their actions and thoughts to help animals.

These are the animal rights activists that I follow on Instagram. I like that they all fight for animals in their own way. What I’ve realized since I’m a vegan and since I started this blog is that everyone who’s still harming animals, directly or indirectly, needs to be approached differently.

There’s not one way that will make someone stop eating meat or buying fur or leather. In my case it was watching those horrible videos of animals in factories that made me stop eating meat. I couldn’t watch them till the end and always had to cry so it was logical to me to not be a part of their suffering anymore.

I’m very grateful for the people who went undercover in those times, more 10 years ago, to show people like me the truth. Just like I’m very grateful for these people fighting for animals because they get a lot of negativity and yet keep going.

Following these people motivated me to start this news website. Let me know in the comment section which activists motivated you to change.

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