Save the date: no animals harmed in these fashion events

Vegan Fashion Week, photo: McKinsey Jordan
Vegan Fashion Week, photo: McKinsey Jordan

Fashion brands are becoming more conscious about animal products in their clothes. The biggest fashion weeks in the world are slowly making small changes like banning fur or leather. But ideally no animal should be harmed for any piece of clothing. That’s why these fashion events feature solely cruelty free products.

Vegan Fashion Week
No fur, no leather, no exotic skins, no silk, no wool, no feathers, no milk and no animal testing. These are the criteria to be a participant at the Vegan Fashion Week. After a very successful first edition in February, the second edition will be held from the 10th till 15th of October in Los Angeles.

Founder Emmanuelle Rienda is a creative director and animal rights activist born in France. She believes veganism is the new social justice movement of the century. A genuine response to the global issues our planet is facing.

Emmanuelle: “I am curating designers that are elevating vegan fashion from all over the world and my goal is to discover, highlight and empower vegan creatives globally.”

Bare Fashion
All of the products featured at Bare Fashion show in London are completely vegan and cruelty-free. Their second vegan catwalk and fashion show will be held on August 10th in the Old Truman Brewery.

In 2018 Bare Fashion featured Autumn clothing lines from vegan, sustainable and ethical brands from the UK and beyond. 

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