Kitten Dobby recovering after extreme burns in garage fire in Ontario

Kitten Dobby. Photo: Walden Animal Hospital

‘Dobby had third degree burns on his feet, so he needed extra pain relief and cuddles but he was a real trooper’ is written on the Facebook page of Walden Animal Hospital where kitten Dobby is being treated.

Local firefighters discovered the kitten when they went back to the location of a garage fire that had happened the day before. They heard Dobby crying for help in a nearby bush. His feet and body were covered in dried up tar.

The firefighters immediately took action and brought the baby cat to the hospital in Ontario in Canada. Dobby is still there and recovering slowly.

A lot of people, including some of the firefighters, want to adopt the kitten but for now it’s most important that Dobby fully recovers. You can follow his recovery on the Facebook page of Walden Animal Hospital.

Dobby recovering. All photos are from Walden Animal Hospital.

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