Eating vegan in Aruba

So I’ve lived three years in Aruba. That’s where I became vegetarian 12 years ago. It was a challenge back then to find good vegetarian options. But all that has changed the past year. 

I went back home a for my dad’s birthday and boy was I surprised by all the vegan option on the island.

Meredith Marin gives a lot of tips on her site. She is trying to get more restaurants to put vegan options on their menu. And making the island more aware. 

Eduardo’s Beach Shack has a big variety of vegan snacks, cakes and drinks. I was in love with their bounties. It’s owned by really friendly people too.

And one thing that made me superhappy is buying products I’ve been wanting to try but haven’t found yet in Holland. At Superfood you can buy Beyond MeatDaiya and Miyoko’s

That last one sells the best vegan cheeses I’ve ever had. Their mozzarella and cream cheese are so good!! Even my non vegan bf didn’t notice the difference. And the best part, the owner, Miyoko Schinner, wrote a book on how to make it yourself.

I also discovered Arubalife Organics. Julienne makes liptints, blushes, face powder and sunscreens. All with natural ingredients. She was very honest about what’s vegan. Nothing is tested on animals but the liptints have beeswax in them. On her website you see all the ingredients per product. I got the face powder, very happy with how it mattifies. 

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