Luxury feel with Adorn Cosmetics

Briony Kennedy from Adorn Cosmetics

After 20 years as a makeup artist & salon owner Briony Kennedy launched Adorn Cosmetics in 2009 to meet the demand for a brand that was truly natural and environmentally conscious with a high end, luxe feel. 

“Adorn was driven by my dislike for waste, frustration of ‘natural’ brands that actually contained toxic ingredients, and powered by personal heartbreak about overseas child labour and testing of beauty products on animals. My vision was to develop an ethical brand that celebrated simplicity and sustainability and empowered women to choose cosmetics that not only made them look good but also feel good.”

Adorn Cosmetics is an Australian privately owned company, dedicated to sourcing where possible its minerals and organic ingredients directly from the Australian earth. “Our eco-luxe cosmetics are made from the finest natural and organic ingredients that protect, nourish and nurture the skin. By keeping our products completely free from skin irritating, cheap bulking fillers such as Talc, Rice Powder, Kaolin Clay and Bismuth Oxychloride, our products are 100% pure and mineral formulations are safe for even the most sensitive of skin.”

Are all products completely vegan?
Yes, our entire range is accredited by The Vegan Society.

Why should more companies become vegan?
I believe the real question is why are brands even using animal by-products or testing on animals, as it’s simply not necessary. Animals should never needlessly suffer for our beauty! I have always loved animals and as a young girl had my own mini menagerie of animals in my backyard. This included two bird aviaries, four guinea pig hutches with about twenty guinea pigs, two mouse houses, goldfish, quail, cats and a dog. I spent most of my days attending to them and rescuing any ‘unwanted’ pets into my little sanctuary at home.

What are the future plans?
Always looking to do things more sustainably and expand more into the overseas market giving consumers worldwide the opportunity to buy ‘guilt free cosmetics’. We also have new product releases for the rest of the year including Brown Mineral & Organic Mascara, Tinted Moisturiser and a BB Cream soon to be launched.

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