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Anu Ruohosto from Finland is a cosmetics developer and the creator of Anumati Naturals vegan skin care. “I think beauty is the balance between inner and outer being. When it affects the skin and the external appearance, it helps you feel good even internally.”

Anu was born in the countryside in Finland. Ecology and biodiversity became familiar to her from childhood: “The animals were friends and we used the plants for our food. Valuing another life was a clear case for us. My grandmother taught me Karelian ways to treat the skin with plants.” She proceeded to studying cosmetics chemistry and medicinal plants. She wrote about natural cosmetics and herbs for newspapers and taught natural beauty treatment of natural raw materials.

She owned a beauty salon and wanted to work with natural cosmetics. “I looked and tested the products on the market. Product series spoke of themselves as a natural cosmetics, yeah, but I did not find them as clean and high quality. Much was sold as a green cosmetics, but the ingredients of the products were quite different. The need for clean cosmetics was clear to me. And I wanted to make it so pure that you can eat it.” And that’s why she started her own cosmetics line Anumati Naturals in 2010.

All her products are made in Finland from wild-grown and organic-grown plants. The line consists out of body care, cleaners, toners, moisturizers, masks, exfoliators, oils, and serums. “All recipes are mine and each product has its own story.”

Are all products completely vegan?
All of our products are vegan. Including raw material handling. We don’t do animal experiments at any stage and we are strictly against them.

Why should more companies become vegan?
Veganism is for all kinds of people of all ages. Raising animals for food consumes many of the earth’s limited resources and degrades the environment. It is a key factor in global environmental problems and inequalities.
Animal testing by the cosmetics industry is not only ethically condemnable but also unnecessary and questionable. Testing on animals can be replaced by non-animal experimental methods which are often more reliable and cheaper than animal experiments. Animals can not speak for themselves. That’s why we need to create more vegan products.

Where does your love for animals come from?
My love for animals affects what I put on my plate, who I am voting and what kind of cosmetics I use. Animals have always been around me and I do not consider them as inferior creatures as humans. They show us their feelings and love. There are still many people in the world who do not believe animals feel the same pain or grief as humans – or worse, know it, but do not care. I know what cosmetics can contain. I could not use what I know is causing another pain. People are protected by vast amounts of laws, regulations and charitable organizations. Animals, on the other hand, are totally unarmed in the face of foolish greed, warfare, and vanity. Every act and voice must be heard in this matter. Treat everyone equally and beautifully. That is why animal affairs are so important to me.

What are your future plans?
I think it is important to spread the message of pure and ethical cosmetics. We want to reach people and increase the authenticity of organic cosmetics. Anumati Naturals will continue to invest in continuous research and development, non-animal testing and quality-assured manufacturing processes to ensure product performance and safety for consumers

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