Elephant seal Emerson returns after relocation in Canada


Emerson, a young elephant seal, has unexpectedly returned to the city of Victoria in Canada after being relocated by wildlife officials. 

China’s e-jiao trade kills millions of donkeys every year


China’s insatiable demand for e-jiao, a traditional medicine made from donkey skin collagen, is decimating Africa’s donkey populations. 

Hope for lonely elephant Madhubala to be relocated to a safari park in Pakistan

The 19-year-old African elephant Madhubala has been living alone at Karachi Zoo in Pakistan for almost a year. Animal welfare organization Four Paws said on Tuesday that she might be relocated soon.

20,000 pigs killed after fire at pig factory in Germany


A devastating fire at a large pig fattening factory in Germany killed 20,000 pigs. The fire started late Friday afternoon, and over 200 firefighters worked throughout the weekend to contain it.

One-year-old humpback whale dies from trauma in US waters

A young male humpback whale has died due to blunt force trauma, the Marine Mammal Stranding Center (MMSC) said.

Famous magpie Molly and dog Peggy to be reunited after Premier’s intervention


Molly, the magpie, and her dog companion Peggy will be reunited, their popular Instagram account announced on Thursday. The two were separated after wildlife officers said that Molly had to be handed in. 

Thousands of monkeys used for testing transported through Iceland and Belgium

Bluebird Nordic, an airline from Iceland, has been involved in the controversial transport of thousands of monkeys. The long-tailed macaques are sent from Asia to laboratories in Europe, the UK and USA so researchers can conduct tests on them.

Elephant Miyako’s 50-Years of solitude sparks urgent call for change in Japan

Miyako, a female elephant, has been living in solitude at the Utsunomiya Zoo in Japan for 50 years. Captured from Thailand as a young calf, she has never experienced companionship with other elephants.

US banks funding meat industry conflicts with their climate goals

The financial contributions of banks like Bank of America, Citigroup, and JPMorgan Chase to the meat and dairy industry are conflicting with their climate goals, according to a new study released on Thursday.

US to kill half a million barred owls to save spotted owl

United States wildlife officials have proposed a plan to kill half a million barred owls to save spotted owls. The plan is facing objections from animal welfare organizations.