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We are not doing enough to save the apes, Jane Goodall says


“We are not doing nearly enough not only to save the apes. We’re not doing enough to save all life on planet Earth, including humans,” famous conservationist Jane Goodall said on Friday at the revealing of her wax double at the Grevin Museum in Paris.

Dog farmers clash with police at protest over dog meat ban in South Korea

About 200 farmers protested the proposed dog meat ban in South Korea on Thursday. They gathered near the presidential office in Seoul to demand the government to scrap the plan to ban dog meat.

Hong Kong kills 1900 pigs after second African swine fever case in a month


Hong Kong has killed almost two thousand pigs after confirming a second case of African swine fever (ASF) in a month.

Toxic foam on Yamuna river in India

Drone footage taken on Tuesday showed toxic foam floating on the Yamuna River in Delhi, in the north of India. The river is home to fish, birds and other animals.

Surf legend Kelly Slater advocates for elderly manatee’s freedom at Miami Seaquarium


World-renowned surfing legend Kelly Slater, recognized for his eleven world championships and advocacy for environmental causes, is fighting for the fate of an elderly manatee named Romeo at the Miami Seaquarium in Florida, United States. 

Wildfires in Bolivian Amazon killing animals (VIDEO)

Wildfires in the Bolivian Amazon have reached nature reserves and killed dozens of animals, local governments confirmed. Deer, tapirs, rodents, birds and other animals died from carbon monoxide intoxication, according to the reports.

Environment activists gathered on Friday in La Pazl to demand measures to tackle fires raging in the country that are destroying forests and animals.

“Our mother earth is dying. Our vegetation, fauna, and flora are disappearing. There are thousands of animals. The firefighters who are there still cannot put out the fire. We want a national emergency to be declared because we want our land to be safe,” one of the activists, Nataly Zamora,” said.

In the village of Bibosi, northwest Bolivia, volunteers and firefighters are battling the flames with water hoses and buckets. The drought of the last few months has reduced river water supplies, making firefighting more difficult.

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World’s largest wetland ravaged by wildfires

Wildfires continue to rage in the Brazilian Pantanal, the world’s largest wetland. Local officials report more than 2,300 fires in the first days of November.

South Korea to ban dog meat by 2027

South Korea plans to ban the consumption of dog meat by 2027, authorities said on Friday. The announcement was made during a meeting with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and animal rights organizations. 

Loggerhead sea turtle rescued from fishing nets in Argentina (VIDEO)

A loggerhead sea turtle was rescued from fishing nets in Argentina. After rehabilitation for two weeks, the Mundo Marino Foundation released the animal back to the sea on Wednesday on the beaches of San Clemente.

Nations discuss first-ever global plastic agreement


Countries are trying to come to a first-ever global agreement to contain plastic pollution. Officials are preparing for tough negotiations this week over whether to limit plastic production or to focus on waste management.