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Extreme plankton bloom threatens marine life in Thailand 


The seawater of the Upper Gulf in Chonburi province in Thailand has a jade-green color. The water is thick, slimy, and smells of dead fish – all indications that a plankton bloom is underway.

Italy kills over 30,000 pigs after African swine fever outbreak


Italy killed almost 34,000 pigs at 12 farms in the northern region of Lombardy to prevent the spread of African swine fever (ASF), a spokesperson for the region said on Wednesday.

Ten rescued pigs killed at sanctuary in Italy


Authorities in Italy ordered the killing of ten pigs at the Cuori Liberi sanctuary in the province of Pavia. The animals, all rescued from farms, were killed on Wednesday. 

Lithuania to ban fur farming

The parliament in Lithuania overwhelmingly voted on Thursday to ban fur farming in the country. The legislation, which gained support from most parliamentarians, now awaits the President of Lithuania’s signature to become law. 

Finland orders mass killing of 100,000 animals at fur farms


The Finnish Food Authority has ordered the killing of all foxes and raccoon dogs at fur farms where bird flu has been detected; 109,000 foxes and 6,000 raccoon dogs will be killed.  

Seals entangled in fishing nets rescued in South Africa (VIDEO)

Three seals, found entangled in discarded fishing nets, were rescued by beachgoers at West Coast National Park in South Africa.

Britain to ban American XL bully dogs


Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on Friday that American XL bully dogs would be banned in Britain by the end of the year. Sunak said he “shares the nation’s horror” regarding a series of dog attacks in recent weeks.

Iceland halts whaling ship after fin whale is killed too slowly


Iceland has temporarily halted the activities of one of its two whaling ships because it took too long to kill a fin whale, according to officials and the vessel’s owner on Friday.

Elephant shot multiple times in South Africa

An elephant was shot multiple times and hunted down by a hunting party in South Africa, violating the nation’s restrictions on trophy hunting of African elephants, according to animal welfare organization Humane Society International (HSI) Africa.

Sniffer dogs from Spain join rescue operations in Morocco (VIDEO)


A Spanish team from “Bomberos Unidos Sin Fronteras” (United Firefighters Without Borders) arrived on Tuesday in Morocco with specialized sniffer dogs, joining the urgent rescue operations after a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit the country.